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Created for every artist


Our goal is to provide the same luxurious alternatives to popular animal hair style lashes. We believe luxury shouldn't come at the sacrifice of another living animal's well-being. 

We've invested in the highest quality silk grade synthetic lash fibers to give you the most realistic feel of natural hair.

Every lash we offer is 100% cruelty free & vegan.

"Beautiful Lashes"

Beautiful lashes and super natural looking and feeling I didn’t have to trim them and they pop right on so easily, will be purchasing more!

Alexandra H. - Heiress

"They Are So Light On The Eyes"

This is my first time purchasing good quality lashes. I thought they were going to be heavy one the eyes but they are so light. Ahh I love them! 

Abril S. - Royalty

"Beautiful Lashes"

I loved my lashes! They were lush and beautiful"

Anonymous - Meow

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