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Lash obsessed is an understatement for us here at Ritzy Co.

We started in 2016, as devoted lash extension wearers. Our favorite lash extensions were always synthetic silk grade, as it has just the right amount of curl and resilience without the cruelty in comparison to mink hairs. We loved that it was truly a vegan product and still had the same elegance that mink extensions offer.

As avid makeup enthusiasts, we always play with the newest makeup goodies and always found that our lash extensions were too one dimensional. After all, there are so many looks you can achieve whether it is an eyebrow/ liner/ lash type of day, soft glam or full glam - there are different volumes and styles of lashes that can tie really together a look.

So we thought, why not create our of own line of high quality silk grade lashes with a wide variety of styles and share them with you all. We have tested so many quality variations, inspecting the bands, paying attention to wear and shedding and curl resilience. Our eyelids have worked hard (a moment of silence for our natural eyelashes lost in the process), to curate some of the highest quality lashes available in the beauty industry.

Our lashes have durable flexible bands that are super easy to work with, with a feathery light weight feel and gorgeous 3D volume - basically everything we could have wished for in our dream lash.

We fell in LOVE with all of the styles we have to offer and hope you will too :)

Don't forget to tag us in your looks, we would absolutely love to see what you create!


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