We are RITZY - but not your ordinary glam and sparkles

Our brand represents the entire spectrum of artistry we support, whether it's bold and 

glamorous or  natural and subtle...

Our mission is provide a variety of high quality cruelty free  options to choose from. 

We sell  

Luxurious 3D Silk Lashes

We use very soft silk in replacement of mink animal fur - we love using silk as it retains its beautiful shape much longer and doesn't require the caging of animals to collect lash fibers.  

All of our lashes are handcrafted, as the silk fibers we use are too delicate to process through a machine.

Your eyes  deserve the best... 

and we believe a great quality lash provides the luxurious finishing stamp to a flawless look. 

Whether you're a makeup artist, enthusiast or lash lover - you'll fall in love with the fluffy, lightweight styles we have to offer.


Luxe Collection        

Lite Luxe Collection                                                                                          

Naturale Collection            

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