1. Why Ritzy Cosmetics?
Ritzy Cosmetics was founded from inspiration, we believe everyone is an artist and a true individual and we're constantly inspired by the many different looks and creativity that is shared everyday. We are a brand that supports all types of creative expression and we create a variety of styles to offer a unique selection to choose from.
Ritzy represents an attitude. An attitude to channel into your inner beauty, to be bold, be confident and never be afraid to express yourself - we encourage everyone to be your own kind of Ritzy.
2. Why Luxury 3D Silk Lashes?
Soft Natural Feel.  Lightweight.  Cruelty Free.
The two classic lash styles are synthetic lashes, which are highly durable and long lasting, and mink/ horse lashes, which are ultra-soft and glamorous. We design our lashes using silk fibers that blends the durability of synthetic lashes and the natural soft wisp of mink/ horse hair lashes to create a luxuriously soft resilient lash. Our Faux 3D Mink lashes are free of animal fur and animal by-products to give you the comfort of wearing a cruelty free product, while having the same lavish appeal of mink lashes.
All lash styles we offer are handcrafted with 3D dimension. The 3D design is to mimic the imperfect angles in which human lashes grow, where each lash is carefully placed by hand at varying angles from the band to emulate natural lashes. Our 3D dimension makes our lashes one of the highest quality lash designs you can find. 
When you wear a Faux 3D Mink lashes you'll fall in love with the how natural they feel along with it's easy maintenance and impressive durability. We have lashes for the most lavish of occasions to everyday versatile looks - no matter the occasion, Ritzy Faux 3D Mink Lashes would make a great companion. 
3. How many times can Ritzy Lashes be worn?

With proper maintenance our lashes can be worn 30 times or more. It is important to immediately clean your lashes once you've removed them and store them away on it's tray. View our complete lash care guide to ensure your lashes are properly cared for.

4. Purchased a lash that isn't quite what you were expecting? 
Not to worry! We understand everyone has their own tastes, which is why we have a 30 Day Return Policy. As long as your lash hasn't been worn, you can send the your lash back in it's original packaging for a refund. View our return policy for full details.
5. Do you offer wholesale opportunities?
Yes! If interested in wholesale opportunities please contact us.
6. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We offer $13 flat rate shipping via First Class USPS Mail for International shipments with free shipping on orders of $100 or more. 
Canada customers will be offered free shipping on orders of $75 or more. 
View our complete shipping policy here.
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