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Lash Care Guide



With proper care and maintenance, our lashes can be worn over 30 times! It is important to clean and store your lashes immediately once you've taken them off to ensure the best care.


Follow our step by step guide below for our recommended care:


1. Properly remove the eyelash. 


  • Carefully use the pads of your fingers (thumb and forefinger) and gently grab the outer edge of the lash pulling inwards.



    2. Clean the glue on the lash

    • Important to clean the glue as soon as you remove the lash.


    • In one hand, gently but firmly hold the lash between your thumb and forefinger and use your other hand to gently pull the glue off the lash band.


    • TIP: Gently rolling the band between your fingers will clump the glue together to help make it easier to remove the glue from the band.

    3. Clean and sanitize your lashes

    • For this step, you will need a cotton swab, makeup remover and a paper towel/ tissue.


    • Gently flatten your lash band on the tissue/ paper towel and dip the cotton swab in the eye makeup remover.


    • TIP: Be sure the cotton swab is squeezed of any excess eye makeup remover liquid.


    • Use the cotton swab to gently brush from the band to the tip of lash, to remove any makeup or residue left on the lash. Repeat this process until the Q-tip isn’t picking up anymore residue.

    4. Air dry and properly store your lashes

    • Be sure to air dry your lashes out of direct sunlight and keep them in a cool place.


    • Once dry, it is important to put the lashes back onto the half moon tray and secure it to curve to help the band keep its shape.